Oil burners: W PURFLAM® RANGE

The Pure Flame
Convenient, precise, safe: Weishaupt purflam® technology makes efficient combustion with extremely low emissions possible. It produces the clearest oil flame that has ever been achieved by Weishaupt in a small burner.

Particularly low emissions:
With its new technology, the purflam burner combusts oil so cleanly that there is no formation of smoke and, with 70 – 90 mg/kWh, the NOx levels fall well below the statutory requirements.

Special mixing assembly:
Weishaupt purflam technology turns the atomised oil mist into a gaseous state for combustion. The homogenous air-gas mixture so formed burns with almost zero emissions.

Sophisticated technology:
purflam burners feature digital combustion management and work fully automatically.

High efficiency:
Powerful microprocessors continuously control and monitor the combustion process for maximum efficiency.

purflam burners are available in five ratings from 16.5 kW to 35 kW.

Long life:
More than 30 years of experience and development work have gone into Weishaupt purflam technology. Only the best materials are used in manufacture.

Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are suitable for use with fuel oil EL and low sulphur fuel oil EL to DIN 51603-1, as well as fuel oil EL with additives of up to 10 % bio components to DIN 51603-6 (2007-11), fuel oil EL A Bio 5 and 10.